10,000 sq. ft. warehouse expansion

More warehouse space is essential to support business growth

In the early fall of 2018 Nordic Computer decided to expand the current warehouse facilities by constructing a new 10,000 sp. ft. warehouse building. And in January 2019 the construction work will be finished, and the new building as well as its facilities will be fully operational.

"With business growing rapidly throughout 2018 and in order to support our growth strategy, we decided that more warehouse space was essential. Our warehouse and logistics department has done a tremendous job and they are the reason that our customers receive their shipments in time and in perfect condition. So in order to support their fantastic effort, they need to have the optimal working conditions.

The construction of the new 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse and the whole project in general has proceeded according to the plan without any obstacles, and in January 2019 we look forward to presenting our new facilities", says Lars Juhl Frandsen CEO at Nordic Computer.

Together with the new warehouse the construction of a new state-of-the-art test center area will be completed as well in order to support our hardware technicians and their growing number of tasks.


On 23 November we held a topping-out ceremony and celebrated that the construction of our new warehouse building was on schedule.