Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions found the contract between the customer (who purchases equipment) and Nordic Computer A/S (abbreviated NC in this document). The customer is the legal entity, acting in a professional capacity, which concludes an agreement with NC.

Equipment is defined as any given product or service, which is supplied by NC.

These terms and conditions shall apply to any and all agreements and contracts between the customer and NC, unless otherwise agreed-upon in writing.


All orders are subject to availability and to written acceptance by NC. An agreement shall be concluded at the time when a written order confirmation has been sent from NC to the customer or when the customer receives written approval of delivery from NC in some other form. Customer accepts that electronic communication can lead to a valid agreement. Any changes to an agreement shall apply only if they have been recorded in writing by NC and shall only apply to the agreement concerned.


Dates and times that are quoted for delivery by NC, are based on the time of when the customer has placed an order in writing. Delivery times shall merely be indicative and shall in no case be taken as deadlines. Further information provided regarding delivery times shall also be mere indicative.

Prices do not include freight costs, unless specifically agreed-upon. Any freight costs sustained by Nordic Computer will be passed on to the customer. Duty and customs associated with an agreement are not included unless otherwise agreed in writing. 

Partial delivery of equipment may happen after written agreement. 

Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing the INCO terms is EXW = Ex works NC warehouse located at Strommen 2, 9400 Norresundby, Denmark. 

The customer must ensure that the equipment is permitted for import and use in the country or region of importation and that relevant documentation comply with all required governmental or other official regulation, safety requirements, specifications or requirements of any kind, together with certificates of origin.

Time of delivery is based on NC’s experience and conditions at the time of placement of order. NC cannot be held responsible for delays and such delays do not entitle the customer to any compensation.

In case of an incorrect delivery of equipment or missing, non-delivered items, the customer must inform NC no later than 24 hours from receipt. After 24 hours, NC is not liable for any claims by the customer for incorrect delivery or missing equipment.


Unless otherwise agreed-upon in writing, payment of equipment is to be made in full before the equipment is dispatched from NC’s warehouse. NC is entitled to withhold the equipment, until payment is received. Property of the equipment shall only pass to the customer when full payment has been made to NC. NC retains ownership rights to the equipment until full payment has been received.  

If a customer is declared insolvent or in other manner has distress levied against its assets, then NC has the right to suspend deliveries until full payment is received.

NC is entitled to cancel an order if the customer fails to pay within agreed terms.

Full risk for the equipment will pass to the customer at the time of delivery. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Credit card purchases must be made through E-pay. For a list of accepted credit cards please check E-pay’s website. For online purchases, all payments will be cashed by NC before dispatch of equipment. Online purchases may also be made using PayPay. Any fee associated with a purchase made using a credit card or PayPay will be charged to the customer.

Returned goods and cancellations

Orders that have been shipped cannot be cancelled. Orders concerning equipment that was not in stock before the time when the customer placed the purchase order cannot be cancelled. Orders concerning equipment, that was in stock at Nordic Computer before the time of the purchase order was placed, and that have not yet shipped, can be cancelled for a fee of 25% of the price of the cancelled equipment. Orders that have been shipped cannot be cancelled.

Equipment is considered accepted, unless it is rejected within 24 hours of delivery. A written rejection note must be sent to NC via the RMA form on NC’s website.

If the Customer is eligible to return equipment, he must inform NC, either by letter or e-mail, and explain the cause for returning the equipment.

All returned equipment must be followed by a RMA form. RMA forms can be filled out online at our website www.nordiccomputer.dk. Equipment cannot be accepted without approval from NC or without a RMA form.

NC will only accept returned equipment in original packaging if equipment was supplied in such.

Claims and legal responsibility

Any customer claim may not exceed the equipment’s buying price. NC is not responsible for any profit or wage losses or other losses. If proven without any doubt that the equipment is the reason for damages due to gross negligence from NC, then NC will take responsibility for the damages.

Force Majeure

NC is not responsible for any loss, which is suffered by the customer in the case of force majeure incidents such as but not limited to natural disasters, war, acts of God, terror attacks etc.

Settlement of disputes

In case of sale to customers in Denmark, any dispute between the parties shall be settled by the court of law in Aalborg, regardless of whether the case should be brought before the Danish High Court due to its nature.

In case of sale to foreign customers, any dispute shall be settled according to Danish law by the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen.