Delivering 80 servers in just one week

STARK’s background

STARK is a Danish, professional supplier and market leader that targets both small and medium-sized companies within the construction sector, although the customer portfolio counts private customers as well.

The Challenge: Re-location of server park from the UK to Denmark

STARK had decided to consolidate and move their current IT setup from the UK to Denmark. To follow the time-frame it was essential to establish and build a temporary solution consisting of 80 HPE G8 servers. It was required that the solution was established and implemented within just one week. Thus, René Vester, Head of Project, contacted Nordic Computer and inquired, whether they were able to handle such a demanding task.

The Solution: Delivering and configuring 80 HPE G8 servers in less than one week

The product team and purchasers at Nordic Computer began examining, which parts were already in stock, and which parts that had to be purchased from their global network of partners.

Nordic Computer’s technicians worked around the clock testing and configuring all the servers. As soon as a consignment of servers were fully configured, they were instantly shipped to the STARK’s location, where their datacenter partner was on standby and ready to receive and implement the servers.

With a dedicated effort from both STARK, their datacenter partner and Nordic Computer, all of the 80 HPE G8 servers were delivered in just four days, and thus, STARK was able to meet the tight time-frame. Furthermore, all servers were delivered with 12 months warranty.

Scope of delivery

80 HPE G8 servers

Three weeks of work delivered in just four days

Thorough testing, quality control and shipping

12 months warranty on all servers

”Our flexibility and experience made it possible for us to execute the task much faster than anticipated. Our technicians and
warehouse/logistics team take great pride in ensuring thorough testing, exceptional delivery performance, packing and flexibility towards our customers. And with 2,000 m2 of warehouse space, more than 50,000 parts in stock and a state-of-the-art test center, we are always able to deliver.”

Thomas Vestergaard, CTO at Nordic Computer

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