Refurbished Datacenter Hardware

Refurbished Datacenter Hardware - Quality and Fast Delivery

We have Scandinavia's largest warehouse of enterprise IT hardware - which provides the opportunity to deliver day-to-day throughout Europe. Prior to leaving our warehouse, all products are thoroughly tested and and come with 12 months warranty. This is your guarantee for receiving a quality product that works.

Furthermore, we have products in our stock that are no longer sold by the manufacturers. If you need a disk extension for an older SAN-system, we can help with both equipment and installation within a few days.

Extend the Life Cycle of Your Equipment and Postpone New Investments

By purchasing refurbished hardware for your datacenter, you can significantly extend its lifecycle, postpone investments in a new setup and save money on your budget.

Whether you need a complete refurbished system regarding servers, storage or networking equipment - or an extension of your existing system, Nordic Computer can offer proven hardware from our modern test center.

  • Prolong the lifecycle of your datacenter and postpone new investments
  • Scandinavia's largest warehouse with 2.500 square meters and more than 80,000 unique spareparts in stock
  • State-of-the-art testcenter
  • Multibrand expertise
  • 12-month warranty
  • Skilled logistics and warehouse team that gives you safe shipping and timely delivery
  • Worldwide delivery

Multibrand Expertise

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Sell Your Used Datacenter Hardware to Us

We typically buy equipment that is one to five years old and in return companies get subsidies for their next IT project.

The equipment we buy from customers is then tested, refurbished and resold with 12 months warranty.

Data Wiping

We handle your data correctly when you sell your used datacenter hardware to us. We make sure that all data is permanently deleted according to GDPR.

After deleting the data, all non-usable hardware is handed over to our partner and disposed off according to ISO14001. Thus, your old hardware becomes raw materials again - for the benefit of the environment.

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