ProSport365 among 50 most innovative start-ups in sports

We are extremely proud to announce that our Microsoft based CRM solution for sports clubs and entertainment companies is elected as one of the top 50 most innovative start-ups in the sports industry.

Part of that was to present our solution at the Hype Spin final event in Cardiff prior to the UEFA Champions League final (


ProSport365 CRM addresses some of the major pains that sports clubs have when interacting with their sponsors and when the sponsors interact with the club.

Pains for the sports clubs 

So if you can recognize a couple of the below challenges that we solve with our wall-to-wall solution, then you should get in touch with us for a live demonstration!

1: The use of numerous excel spreadsheets to handle everything from sponsorships, pipeline, deliveries, match handling and so forth.

2: No complete overview of sponsorships.

3: If you can't you quickly answer the following questions

  • Which sponsors have a bonus if you reach the cup final (and how much revenue will it return)
  • How much LED time is vacant for the next two matches
  • How many VIP season passes have been sold for the new season
  • How many vacant skyboxes do you have for the last two matches in the season
  • What is the retention rate of your sponsors and what is the average growth % of the sponsors
  • What is the split in revenue gained from “new money” versus “old money”

4: Sales personal spends a lot of time coordinating and inquiring about products they are allowed to sell rather than hunting new sales or nurturing existing sponsors.

5: Does all your quotes look professional and up to par with the marketing manual and they do not include special terms specifically made for this sponsor only.

6: Management does not have a complete overview of sales forecast, accrued revenue based on contracts or sales performance.

7: Lack of knowledge sharing across functions or personnel causing a lot of additional emails and phone calls to be made internally.

8: No integration between IT systems like invoicing system (ERP), ticket system, CRM, Outlook, Office.

9: Sponsors have several contact points with the organization and can get confused about how to really use their sponsorship.

The solution

To solve that in a sustainable way, Nordic Computer has built the ProSport365 CRM for sports clubs directly on the Microsoft Dynamics Sales engine. That means that the engine for our solution is supported and regularly updated by Microsoft. Furthermore the solution comes out-of-the box with integration to both Outlook (O365), Office products (Word, Excel), PowerBI, Cortana and Social Engagement.

With our solution you get a tailor made system with the benefits from a using a standard engine. To get inspired visit our ProSport365 website or contact me on or +45 4022 8056.