Organisation strengthened with further IBM knowhow

DV Trading’s Aalborg department acquired by Nordic Computer

On 1 May 2018 Nordic Computer acquired DV Trading's Aalborg department, specialized in the purchase and sales of midrange IBM storage and tape systems. The acquisition included all activities in the DV Trading Aalborg department such as employees, customers, goods and other assets, which continued as an integral part of Nordic Computer.

DV Trading, one of the leading IBM enterprise computer brokers in Europe, is now re-focusing its activities on high-end IBM mainframes, storage, and tape library solutions.

Nordic Computer has implemented a focus strategy within service and sales of data center hardware that has increased revenue and number of employees, and with this acquisition, the growth rate continues.

The DV Trading Aalborg department: Considerations behind the divestment

"The Aalborg department has been an integral part of DV Trading for a number of years, so the decision to divest the department had to be taken with careful considerations", explains DV Trading’s CEO Carsten Marcell.

"Originally planned for a generational succession, we concluded that the recent years’ positive development of the Aalborg department is best continued within the framework of Nordic Computer, which has the necessary size and market presence to support our growth strategy and the professional service to our customers. In addition, it has been very important to us, that the Aalborg department became part of a larger, professional environment within datacenter hardware and service," concludes Carsten Marcell.

A frictionless acquisition

Seven months after the acquisition Nordic Computer's CEO Lars Juhl Frandsen looks back and describes the acquisition as well as the transition phase as frictionless.

"During the transition and the relocation of DV Trading's stock we did not experience any mentionable obstacles. That was definitely due to a very dedicated, organised, and fantastic effort from our employees and DV Trading's employees, who are now an important part of Nordic Computer. And we are convinced that our IBM team now is among the strongest on the market.

Here seven months later they are a fully integrated part of Nordic Computer and our values," says CEO Lars Juhl Frandsen from Nordic Computer.