Third Party Maintenance

- For Multi Vendor Datacenter Hardware

Multi Vendor Hardware Maintenance for Datacenters

- Save 50-70% Compared to the OEMs

As an IT Manager it is your job, to make sure that the budget is respected and the data center works impeccably all the time. Your uptime and quality requirements are higher than ever before, while the budgets are becoming tighter.

With us as your third party maintenance partner, you can extend the life of your data center by 4-5 years after the hardware has gone out of OEM support - and you only have one number to call when your hardware needs maintenance. You call the technician directly, and if there is a need for on-site support, the same technician will go on-site.

Our starting point is your needs - and not inflated OEM service prices, which aim to push you to invest in new hardware, before you even need it. Take control of your datacenter and do not let the OEMs' need for selling new hardware dictate when you should upgrade.


Geographical Coverage

If your are searching for af global third party maintenance partner, who can assist you with both maintenance, spare part service and logistics, Nordic Computer is a strong alternative.

We are present in +50 countries. Besides our own local warehouse with more than 3,500 square meters and 100,000 parts in stock, we have access to several forward stocking locations and a global partner network of skilled technicians. This is your guarantee for fast support that keeps your datacenter hardware running.

  • Third party datacenter maintenance in +50 contries
  • Custormized SLAs
  • Global access to several forward stocking locations
  • A network of skilled datacenter technicians


Nordic Computer

- A Global Third Party Maintenance Partner with Four Decades of Experience

  • We offer global third party maintenance for servers, storage, tape and networking datacenter equipment
  • We cover all major brands like: HPE, IBM, DELL, Fujitsu, Lenovo, EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, Brocade, Cisco, Juniper
  • We have no "end-of-service" date. We service your equipment until you don't need it anymore
  • Get a Service Level Agreement customized to your setup that meets your expectations - every time
  • Get access to Scandinavia's largest spare parts warehouse of 3,500 square meters with more than 100,000 unique parts - this is your guarantee that we always have the right spare parts ready for use
  • You only need one service agreement, regardless of how many brands you have in your data center
  • We have genuine multibrand expertise across servers, storage and networking equipment no matter the age of the equipment
  • We extend the life cycle of your datacenter. This means that yor save money on your IT budget and contribute to reducing CO2 emmisions

Data Wiping

When we service your hardware, your data must be handled correctly. We make sure that when we replace a data-carrying units, all data is properly wiped, so you do not have to worry about GDPR.

After erasing the data, all non-usable hardware is handed over to our partner who disposes it according to ISO14001. Thus, your old hardware becomes raw materials again - for the benefits of the environment.

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