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Extend the life cycle of your datacenter hardware by up to 10 years and save 30-50% by using Nordic Computer as your 3rd party maintenance provider


Currently, only few procurement professionals and CIOs pay attention to the details within their OEM support agreement, which means that very often, they are paying for service and maintenance on equipment that no longer require expensive manufacturer coverage. In fact, the analysis carried out by Gartner and Forrester show that:

79 % typically invest every 3rd - 5th year, but the actual life cycle is 7 - 10 years

85 % would keep their equipment - if service was not so cost-intensive

80 % do not know of alternatives to OEM datacenter maintenance

The analysis also indicates the by using a 3rd party maintenance provider, you extend the life cycle of your datacenter equipment by up to 10 years, and thereby postponing your IT investments, reducing your costs and saving money on your IT budget. In fact it shows that you can save 30-50% by using a 3rd party datacenter maintenance provider.

Why choose Nordic Computer as your 3rd party maintenance partner?


Independent service partner since 1992

Save 30-50% on your IT budget

Supports both end-of-life and end-of-service datacenter equipment

Offers monthly reporting

Extend the life cycle of your equipment and postpone your investments

Mix & Match SLAs

Onsite with sparepart within agreed SLA

One service agreement regardless of the number of manufactureres (SPOC)

Danish speaking 3rd level support

Multi-brand expertise

One level higher in the value chain. Due to our broker department we always have spareparts in stock = lower service costs