Extend the Life Cycle of Your Mainframe and Reduce Your Costs

Support of IBM Mainframes in the Nordic Countries

Nordic Computer is recognized by Gartner as a third-party maintenance provider in the Nordic countries, where we maintain, support and extend the lifespan of datacenter equipment within server, storage and networking hardware.

Regarding support of IBM mainframe systems, we have several years of experience and provide datacenters in Scandinavia with a strong alternative to OEM parts and systems. We stock and deliver spare parts for systems that are no longer sold and supported by the manufacturer.

We support and stock spare parts for mainframe systems z13 and below such as:

  • IBM mainframe zSeries
    • z800, z890, z900, z990, z9EC, z9BC, z10EC, z10BC, z114, z196, zEC12, zBC12, z13


  • 25 years of experience with IBM mainframe systems

  • Extend the life cycle of your systems

  • Postpone new IT investments

  • Spare parts that are no longer sold and supported by the manufacturer

  • Scandinavia's largest warehouse with more than 50,000 unique parts in stock

  • Onsite support witnin the agreed SLAs

  • Reduce maintenance and hardware cost by 50-70%

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