Third Party Hardware Maintenance

More than 25 years of experience as a third party maintenance provider within datacenter hardware.
As your trusted partner in Scandinavia we extend the life cycle of the customers' datacenter hardware!

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Multi-brand datacenter hardware maintenance

Nordic Computer has more than 25 years of experience as a 3rd party maintenance provider, and in Scandinavia we can act as your subcontractor. We offer solutions for your data center maintenance needs and service and maintain equipment like servers, storage, tape and networking. Our IT maintenance services cover almost all leading manufacturers: IBM, HP, DELL, Fujitsu, EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, Brocade, Cisco, Sun/Oracle.

We deliver high quality and cost efficient end-of-life datacenter hardware support with customized SLAs. Through our global network and stock locations in Denmark, we also help ensure that you have the spareparts that you need, when you need them.



We service and maintain datacenter equipment from all known networking manufactures.

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We service and maintain datacenter equipment from all known server manufactures.

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We service and maintain datacenter equipment from all known storage manufactures.

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We service and maintain datacenter equipment from all known library manufactures.

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Extending the life cycle of your datacenter hardware

An end-of-service or end-of-life (EOS/EOL) date from your datacenter hardware supplier may signal the end of support, and they will probably either offer you new hardware or a new service agreement, which will both mean increasing costs.

Nordic Computer gives you the opportunity to use your datacenter hardware for any amount of time without being concerned about EOS/EOL dates. When you choose Nordic Computer as your 3rd party maintenance subcontractor, you will extend the life cycle of your datacenter hardware and save money on your IT budget.

Our decades of expertise allows us to currently support datacenter equipment for more than years. Working with a trusted partner in third-party maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your IT infrastructure assets and meet your technical or business needs.

Why choose Nordic Computer as your third party maintenance partner?


Independent service partner since 1992

Save 30-50% on your IT budget

Supports both end-of-life and end-of-service datacenter equipment

Offers monthly reporting

Extend the life cycle of your equipment and postpone your investments

Mix & Match SLAs

Onsite with sparepart within agreed SLA

One service agreement regardless of the number of manufactureres (SPOC)

Danish speaking 3rd level support

Multi-brand expertise

One level higher in the value chain. Due to our broker department we always have spareparts in stock = lower service costs

Case: TDC Hosting

TDC Hosting specializes in IT hosting of servers, platforms and applications. Hosting is carried out on several platforms and from their Danish and Swedish data centers in Jutland, Sealand, Malmö and Stockholm. The headquarter is located in Tranbjerg near Aarhus as well as a large office in Copenhagen. Since 2004 TDC Hosting has grown from 50 employees and a turnover of 10 m Euros, and today they employ more than 300 specialists and has a turnover of more than 70 m Euros.

TDC Hosting needed to consolidate their existing setup concerning service and maintenance of their datacenters, as the setup had become complicated and confusing. Furthermore, thay wanted to optimize the procedure regarding procurement of spareparts, which has become very cost-intensive.

Allan Aaberg TDC Hosting.jpg Allan Aaberg, Director Operation Nordic

”We have chosen Nordic Computer as service partner due to their experience, flexibility and due to the fact that we were able to reduce the total costs by 30% compered to our previous agreements. Before, we had several service agreements to manage, which had become complex and confusing.

At Nordic Computer we have one service contract which includes service and maintenance of approximately 7,500 units of server, storage and networking equipment within HP, IBM, DELL, SUN/Oracle, Hitachi, CISCO, Brocade, divided between eight different locations.

It gives us transparency, safety and prolonges the life cycle of the datacenter equipment in our hosting centers.”

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