Data Center Hardware Maintenance Renewals: How to Handle Them?

When your hardware maintenance contracts (server, storage, network) are set to expire, this brings questions and concerns regarding renewals:

  • Renew each of the support contracts with the different OEMs?
  • Renew for a whole year when my client will soon have to migrate part of his infrastructure?
  • Offer contracts renewals or tech refresh?
  • Renew equipment that has been announced EOSL?
  • Manage the renewals for subsidiaries abroad, country by country?
  • Reduce the Co2 footprint?

Many OEMs (Hitachi, IBM, HPE, DELL/EMC, NetApp, Cisco, Brocade, Lenovo) have recently announced upcoming EOSL dates on some models effective from July 2022.

You can download the list with EOSL models here...

Thanks to 42 years of recognized service expertise in the data center environment, Nordic Computer offers tailored solutions as a single point-of-contact with six commitments:

  • Simplicity: multi-brand, multi-country hardware maintenance contracts with monthly pricing
  • Flexibility: “Full Support” and “Spares Management” contracts adapted to your needs
  • Quality: a culture of customer engagement and quality making Nordic Computer a trusted partner
  • Benevolence: advise and risk assessments to add equipment under third-party support
  • Economy: prices up to 80% cheaper than OEM’s support
  • Sustainability: extending the lifespan of your customer infrastructure up to 15 years - thereby reducing the CO2 emissions

Our teams are ready to support you for these upcoming maintenance contract renewals!

Send us the description of your equipment and concerns, we will take care of the rest!

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