Multi Vendor Hardware Service Equals 40% Savings...


Itadel (former TDC Hosting) specializes in IT enterprise hosting of servers, platforms and applications, and with several datacenter locations in e.g. Copenhagen and Aarhus they are among the largest hosting companies in Denmark.

The Challenge:
High Service Costs and Lack of Overview of Current Service Setup

Itadel needed to consolidate their exsisting setup regarding hardware service on their datacenters. The setup had become complex with several different service agreements, and the use of internal resources to manage the setup had risen significantly. Furthermore, the hardware service costs had increased as well, and therefore Itadel wanted to evaluate their options.

The Solution:
One Service Argeement to Replace Several Equals Reduced Costs

Nordic Computer offered Itadel one complete service agreement, which would replace their current agreements. The new agreement included hardware service on more than 7,500 units within server, storage and networking equipment on HPE, IBM, DELL, Hitachi and Cisco on various datacenter locations in Denmark.

After an in-depth analysis it became obvious that Itadel would obtain several advantages with the new service agreement like e.g. reduced service costs, more flexibility and transparency.


One complete service agreement
40% savings on hardware service compared to previous agreements
Tailored SLAs

Allan Aaberg, IT Director

”At Nordic Computer we now have one complete service agreement, which includes hardware service on more than 7,500 units within HPE, IBM, DELL, Hitachi and Cisco. This gives us reduced costs, transparancy and extends the lifecycle of our datacenters".