Customer case - Elfac

Multi Vendor Hardware Service Equals 40% Savings...


Elfac specialises in tailor made cable manufacturing that covers the entire range from plug’n’play systems to consultancy. The company has more than 100 employees, and since 1987 cable production of high complexity has been their core business.

Henrik Lynnerup is Head of IT and is responsible for operation, purchasing and maintenance of Elfac's datacenter equipment. Thus, it is his responsibility that the large loads of data are managed properly and in a secure way.

The Challenge
Expiration of Current Hardware Service Agreement

Elfac had many servers, where warranty and support previously were managed by the manufacturers. However, Henrik Lynnerup had been informed that a renewal of the service agreement would mean a significant price increase. Elfac's original strategy was to outsource as much of the equipment as possible, but due to their complex production setup it would still be essential to keep some of the hardware in house.

”With our complex setup it is inevitable to keep some of our hardware in house. Hence, it was ideal that we could extend the life cycle of our existing hardware with help from Nordic Computer's multi vendor hardware service", says Head of IT Henrik Lynnerup.

Henrik and Nordic Computer started a dialogue, and Nordic Computer returned with a tailored alternative to Elfac's existing hardware that was no longer covered by the warranty.

”First and foremost I must say that I was a bit sceptical, but the financial aspect was very fair and interesting. In order to give an impression of our total savings: Then by signing a hardware service agreement with Nordic Computer our entire amount of datacenter hardware with different brands is covered by that agreement, and it cost us as much as we previously used to pay for a service agreement with just one manufacturer.

It means that we have saved more than 30%, so I was quite surprised that it was even possible", Henrik Lynnerup continues.

The Solution
Significant Savings and Single-Point-of-Contact

Henrik values that the dialogue he has with Nordic Computer is Single-Point-of-Contact regarding all hardware in their server room. The technician they speak to on the phone is the same technician, who visits them to solve the issue. Furthermore, Henrik has a minor stock of disks, so should an issue occur that need immediate attention they can replace the broken disk without any assistance from Nordic Computer.

My most important task is to prevent any downtime. With this new setup and service agreement with Nordic Computer, we are able to prevent just that," Henrik finishes.


40% savings compared to previous agreement
Local stock with vital spares
Life cycle extension instead of new investment

Henrik Lynnerup, Head of IT

”First and foremost, I must say that I was a bit sceptical, but the financial aspect was very fair and interesting. It means that we have saved more than 40%, so I was quite surprised that it was even possible".