Continuity and Fast Delivery in a Post Brexit World

Although the UK and the EU managed to reach a post-Brexit trade deal, the rules of the new era have caused problems for the logistics industry, leading companies to face delivery delays. After an 11-month transition period, Brexit finally came to an end on New Year’s Eve, with freedom of movement between the UK and the EU member states also ended as the clock stroke midnight in Brussels.

In theory the trade deal is set to continue without interruption, but in practice things might work differently. Under the new rules, UK companies doing business with the EU face a lot of new bureaucracy and new paperwork.

Customs declarations, rules of origin checks, product safety certificates, and various other inspections are all part of new trading regime. All of these formalities, along with the ongoing pandemic, have already caused considerable disruptions in trade across the English Channel.

Nordic Computer maintains Continuity and Fast Delivery in a Post Brexit World

Our logistics team is also working hard to maintain continuity and speedy delivery to the UK in a post Brexit world for the benefit of our British customers and partners.

Our team counts three experienced and skilled logistics employees, who are ready to assist our customers with support and guidance.

They know that fast and safe shipping is crucial to our customers, and they they always make sure that the paperwork is done correctly and how find the best shipping company, who are able to comply with delivery time.