Museum Southeast Denmark

Extending the Lifecycle of the Datacenter Equals 40% Savings


Museum Southeast Denmark is among the five largest museums in Denmark counting 150 employees. Museum Southeast Denmark is supported by subventions by the government, which is divided among all museums in Denmark. Therefore, Head of IT, Carl-Henrik Hansen, is never certain how much can be used for IT investments, and he must always carefully consider, how the budget is spent.

The Challenge:
Replacing Datacenter Equipment with a Limited Budget

In February 2018 Carl-Henrik Hansen was looking for a solution with new server and networking equipment for Museum Southeast Denmark that should be fully implemented three months later. Offers had already been received from two companies, when Carl-Henrik decided to get a third offer from Nordic Computer including a solution based on refurbished servers and networking equipment. After receiving that offer, Museum Southeast Denmark decided to move on with the solution from Nordic Computer, as they evaluated that this was the ideal solution with most value for money

The Solution:
Refurbished Datacenter Hardware with Service Agreement

Carl-Henrik Hansen explains, how much he estimates that Museum Southeast Denmark has saved by selecting the solution from Nordic Computer based on refurbished Datacenter Hardware.

”Compared to a similar solution based on new equipment, I estimate that we have saved around 40%, and we now have a solution, which will also be operational in 6-7 years”, says Carl-Henrik Hansen.

However, Museum Southeast Denmark does not only consider the financial savings as crucial for selecting Nordic Computer's solution. This is due to the service agreement as well, which was part of the solution.

”For me the implementation was very crucial. It was impotant that Nordic Computer's technicians could manage the entire migration process by moving the equipment from the old environment to a new one.”

Another important factor is the single point of contact with Nordic Computer's service technicians: When an issue is reported, the technician who you talk to on the phone, is the same technician, who performs the service and solves the issue, and according to Carl-Henrik Hansen this creates both continuity and security.


Extending the life cycle of existing equipment
40% savings compared to new equipment
Local spare part stock with critical components
Single point of contact with service technician

carl_henrik_vordingborg_museum_web.png Carl-Henrik Hansen, Head of IT

”It brings continuity and safety that the technician you call is the one, who performs the service onsite. Furthermore, Nordic Computer has made sure that we have a local stock of critical spares like e.g. discs.

So if a disc suddenly fails or stops working, we can replace it immediately. It gives us flexibility and means that we can solve minor issues ourselves.