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Don't throw out your used datacenter hardware - Sell it to us instead...

Sell your surplus datacenter hardware to us

Every year many companies are throwing out several tons of IT equipment. But why not sell it to us instead? At Nordic Computer we have more than 35 years of experience of buying used datacenter hardware from companies around the world. The equipment is typically up to five years old and primary within server, storage, tape and networking.

By selling your used hardware to us you contribute to reducing the mass production of IT equipment by giving the old equipment a new purpose, and at the same time you receive a contribution for a new IT investment or project.

Certified data wiping

When you sell used datacenter hardware to Nordic Computer, we can assist you in cleaning any confidential data that is stored on your equipment. We ensure that the data is safely managed, wiped or destroyed.

When we wipe data you can choose between three different levels of wiping:

Level 1
Solemn declaration that all data has been wiped

Level 2
Data wiping (software)

Level 3
Degaussing (magnetic wiping)

Hardware that cannot be refurbished is handed over and picked up by Stena Technoworld, and will be scrapped according to ISO14001 and become raw material.

Buy Back made simple

If you wish to sell your used hardware to us, we have a very simple procedure to follow.

E-mail your inventory list at

Inform us when the equipment is available

We quote the equipment

The equipment is palletised

The equipment is picked up at the agreed address

Multi-brand expertise

We buy used datacenter hardware from all known manufactures like e.g.:


If you have used datacenter hardware that you wish to sell or perhaps questions, please fill out the form below, and we will get back as soon as possible

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