About Nordic Computer

Welcome to Nordic Computer - Multi Vendor Hardware Service and Refurbished Datacenter Hardware

Since 1979 Nordic Computer has worked with both public and private companies, which both have in common that they want to optimize their IT budget. We sell and buy high-end datacenter equipment, and thereby helping our customers by extending the lifecycle of their IT setup, so they can postpone their investments and save money.

We also have Scandinavia's most skilled and flexible service department, who services, maintains and extends the lifecycle of datacenter equipment, and in Scandinavia we can act as your trusted subcontractor. Our main focus is your economy, and thus we are a serious alternative to service from the manufacturer, as you would typically save 50-70% by selecting us as your independent 3rd party maintenance partner.

We wish to be considered as a trusted and visionary partner, who through orderliness, quality and drive adds value to our customers. We focus on creating a working environment, which is driven both professionally and personally. Thus, we always support efforts which will upskill our employees.

Enjoy browsing our website, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Then we can discuss how Nordic Computer can add value to your business.

Best regards,

Lars Juhl Frandsen, CEO & Partner